Artist Statement

I never knew my paternal grandfather as he never returned from WW2, and due to unfortunate circumstances, stories from his life and who he was as a person have never been passed down.  I also never knew my maternal grandparents as my mum was given up at birth and even though she was fostered at approximately 11 months, at age 11 she was put back in to the care system due to her foster parents age and declining health.  As a result my mum's past family history and heritage also lie predominantly unknown.

This is why, through my research, I am so passionate in creating artworks that honour those who have gone before me, paying remembrance to their memory so they are never forgotten, and also remembrance of those still here.

The passing down of knowledge and memories from one generation to the next is so important.  It is always my hope that my work, even if in a small way, inspires others to not forget this information, but to become active in keeping these stories of our families, our previous generations and ancestors alive.  Our history and heritage have helped shape who we are and the life we have today.  I believe it to be of great importance for this to be honoured and given significant attention in the present day, and it is this which I am always continuing to work towards.

My current artwork includes paying remembrance to the 2385 men from the Royal Naval Patrol Service who were lost at sea during WW2 and who never made it home.  Having lost his life on December 1st 1943 when the trawler he was serving on, HMT Avanturine, was torpedoed by an E-boat off Beachy Head, my grandfather is one of these men.

I create these works in the hope that the people and important histories they represent are carried forward into other's lives and homes, and forever remembered.

Other research explores remembrance and memories connected to my family and the places connected to their lives.

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