Artist Statement

Research for my work is taken from personal experience.  Daily occurrences, situations, journey's undertaken, places visited, memories evoked, what surrounds me at a given moment in time, all collaborate together to inform my ideas.  
The key component that forms the backbone of my research is the study of the concept of place, and how an understanding of a personal relationship to place can be found through investigating memories and lived experience.  Diary texts, photographs, filled sketchbooks, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, old fabrics, are a few of the items constantly collected that form a rich reference source for me to draw upon in my paintings.
Past research for my work, fully embedded in mapping out journeys which revealed my mind's way of remembering lived experience, was fuelled firstly by travel, then through the experience of living in different places, both nationally and internationally, and finally by the return to my childhood home.  Within this research there was always some kind of movement through space, a sense of journey to explore and rediscover.
However, through time, and with the return to the area I grew up in, the journey turned inwards, with a sense of stillness, reflection, and contemplation prevailing among investigations.  The question of where I came from, and the family ties held dear to me, became deeply contemplated in my personal study of place.
The connection I have to my Grandparents is what currently draws my attention.  Present artworks explore this relationship, in addition to their own relationship, their heritage, the time they lived in, and the family roots that connect to my life today. 
Key to this research is the investigation of remembrance, honour, relationships, commitment, communication, and faith.  Taking this research it is my mission as an artist to create artworks that honour those who have gone before me, paying remembrance to their memory so they are never forgotten.
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